Sightlogix Thermal Cameras

Video Processing – The Key for Thermal Cameras in the Outdoors
Video processing powers SightSensor thermal cameras unique video analytics features:​

  • Electronic stabilisation to correct for pole sway

  • Geo-registration to ignore small animals, blowing trash and outdoor movement while detecting people all the time

  • Geospatial detection zones based on target size, speed, and direction

  • A very clear thermal image in the dark, bright sun, humidity, or bad weather

  • Hands-free PTZ steering to zoom and follow targets for more detail

  • Targets projected onto a sitemap for real-time situational awareness


The Peace-of-Mind You've Been Looking For

You’re here for a reason. Maybe you’ve experienced a security breach, done a threat assessment and are vulnerable, or you’re frustrated with the reliability of your current system. When it comes to securing outdoor spaces and assets of high value, detection performance is crucial. Was the perimeter breached by an animal or a person? How close are they to the asset? Where are they now? It’s critical to have highly reliable information to make the right call in the moment.

Reducing Infrastructure Lowers Costs for Thermal Cameras
Solar and wireless options and long-range thermal camera detection eliminate most of the construction costs once needed for video systems, making the NEMA 4X SightSensor the most affordable solution for perimeter security and outdoor area protection.

How We Do It

The team at SightLogix has a long and successful history helping organizations solve outdoor security problems in our unique way. This is our point of view, and these foundational elements underscore everything we think and do:

Thermal cameras are better for human detection

Since security starts with detection, the alert must be accurate.  Because thermal cameras “see” heat rather than light, they’re great human detectors in the outdoors. They see through the dark, bright sun, reflections off water, and bad weather. They also eliminate the complexity of adding lighting, and cover huge areas with a single device.

SightLogix Camera Selector

SightLogix offers a wide selection of smart thermal cameras, from shorter-range, dual-stream solutions to longer-range perimeter security systems.

SightSensor Camera Series



Detection Distance

Detection Width


Automatic Stabilization
Geo Analytics
SightTracker Support
Color on Target

Key Application

SightSensor HD Series
Outstanding thermal detection with HD color for commercial sites.
Up to 100m ( 328 ft) Inbound
200M (656 ft) Crossfield
Up to 43m (141 ft)
206×156 or 320×240
2 MP HD Color, 1920 x 1080

Commercial and Industrial Sites

Fenced Yards, Asset Protection, Gates

Central Station Monitoring


SightSensor NS Series
Outstanding thermal detection and high-clarity thermal video for critical perimeters and outdoor areas
Up to 600m (1969 ft)
320: Up to 600m (1969 ft)
640: Up to 595m (1952 ft)
Thermal: 320×240 or 640×480
w/ SightTracker

Critical Infrastructure

Central Station Monitoring

SightSensor TC Series
Outstanding thermal detection and high-clarity thermal video for critical perimeters and outdoor areas, with added value of HD color on target
Up to 195m (640 ft)
320: Up to 600m (1969 ft)
640: Up to 595m (1952 ft)
Thermal: 320×240 or 640×480
2 MP HD Color, 1920 x 1080

Critical Infrastructure

Central Station Monitoring

Product Range

SightSensor HD Series

Thermal-Visible Smart Camera
SightSensor HD

The SightSensor® HD is a dual-stream smart camera that detects intruders with high accuracy and low nuisance alerts. It combines the power of thermal detection with the power of visible color for a comprehensive, 24-hour security solution.

With a thermal sensor, HD color imager, video storage, automatic stabilization, LED illumination and SightLogix’s innovative Dual-Sensor Video Analytics, the SightSensor HD acts like a burglar alarm for the outdoors, helping prevent crime, theft and business disruptions.

By combining outstanding detection performance in a cost-effective package, with long-range and wide-angle options, SightSensor HD is an excellent solution for protecting businesses, fenced-in yards, schools, perimeters, and enabling remote video monitoring applications.



Usage and Capabilities

Thermal and visible detection camera for outdoor security

Features & Benefits

  • Dual-Sensor Protection
  • Exceptional intrusion detection, day and night
  • Dual-Sensor Video Analytics (DSA)
  • Detects targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for high detection accuracy and reduced false alarms
  • Proactive Security
  • Detects outside, inside, or at the fence – before intruders get close
  • Get more with less
  • Long range/wide-area performance means better protection, less cost
  • Simplified Operations
  • Web-based, point and click setup – Set and forget reliability
  • Automatic stabilization
  • Reliable analytic detection in wind, vibrations, camera shake
  • Onboard video storage
  • Store and retrieve thermal and visible alarms
  • Faster response
  • Auto-delivered, video-verified alarms get higher priority to catch the bad guys in the act
  • Tight integration with VMS & alarm automation software
  • Works seamlessly with existing systems

Packed with Power - Engineered for Performance

SightSensor HD covers more area using fewer cameras, giving you better security at a lower cost than other solutions. With the highest detection reliability and very low nuisance alerts, you can secure more sites more effectively without adding resources.

Alternative Solutions Need More Cameras

SightSensor HD

A Total Outdoor Intruder Detection Solution

The SightSensor HD smart thermal camera is available in several models that detect targets over hundreds of meters, with narrow and wide-area fields of view depending on your detection needs. SightSurvey, our web-based design tool, does all the work!