Land Based

Gaming, Thermal, Optical Cameras, Drones


Land Based Security Solution

We provide effective & reliable security solutions to combat crime. We focus on service excellence, customer focus and full integrity. Managed Security Services is one of the five pillars of our Managed Services Plan. We strive to offer an all-encompassing, specialised solution designed according to the specific needs of our clients and their communities. Operating along integrity-based business principles, guided by a desire to exceed industry standards and working in conjunction with a carefully formulated strategic network, we believe we can successfully reclaim our communities from despair.


360 Vision Technology

360 Vision Technology has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of a range of innovative and robust CCTV surveillance camera and control solutions as well as unique and patent pending static and PTZ LED illumination solutions in both infra red and white light options.

With an acknowledged reputation as a market leader in CCTV surveillance, 360 Vision Technology’s team of highly experienced software, electronic and mechanical engineers are consistently innovating and expanding its camera product range – to meet customers’ ever changing needs. Over the years, we have developed an extensive range of analogue, high definition, white light, infrared, cooled and uncooled thermal, polished stainless steel and radar controlled CCTV surveillance cameras, to meet or exceed any demand.


Perimeter security through video image analytics

DAVANTIS was founded in 2005 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. We have spent a decade performing research and development into video analytics-based perimeter security solutions.

Our high level of specialisation and experience have made us experts, with more than 30% of our team devoted to developing new solutions with proprietary technology compatible with all existing security systems.


FLIR Systems Inc, (NASDAQ: FLIR) is a leading manufacturer of innovative imaging systems that include infrared cameras, aerial broadcast cameras and machine vision systems. Their products play pivotal roles in a wide range of industrial, commercial and government activities in more than 60 countries. Pioneers in the commercial infrared camera industry, the company has been supplying thermography and night vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement and the military for over 50 years. 



IONODES is focused on pushing the boundaries of video technology, developing the latest in IP video storage, management and display solutions. Our experience in IP video and our strong partnership with industry leaders allow us to deliver innovative products designed to enhance people’s lifestyle while ensuring their safety and security.

We are a Canadian developer and manufacturer specialized in IP video technology and cloud based solutions. Our head office is located in Montreal, Canada and our EMEA office in Luxembourg. We offer our product line worldwide through distribution, manufacturer representation and direct inquiries.

Mobi Guard

The Mobi-Guard is a complete Surveillance & Communication trailer, easy to assemble and custom made to needs and per application. 

  • Various camera configurations available.
  • Various functionalities available, i.e.  thermal, optical, video analytics.
  • Custom made for application purpose masts available geo-mapping etc.
  • On board system electronics & storage.
  • Solar Power, Generator Power, AC Charger During storage.
  • Fully Intelligent platform.
  • Easy to operate and maintain. 
  • One man operation.


On detection of a target, Scan-360 remotely operates a PTZ CCTV camera to Equally, at home in a wide range of environmental conditions, Scan-360 has been designed for use over multiple terrains. Scan-360 is the most affordable and effective radar based threat detector available.slew to point at the target whilst at the same time alerting the operator. Scan-360 then tracks the target until such time as the operator takes control of the camera or until the threat has passed, thereby recording the intrusion for later analysis.



SightSensor smart thermal cameras are built to perform at the highest levels and in the toughest outdoor conditions. Simply put, if you want the most reliable, accurate, and easy to use outdoor detection products, you want SightLogix. That’s why our customers around the world trust our cameras to protect their most important assets.

Performance at the Core

With SightLogix, you have innovative technology and a proven solution on your side—cameras with advanced software analytics, designed by our security-seasoned engineers and video experts to accurately detect intruders with the highest level of confidence, even in the most difficult conditions, with video awareness that paints the picture in real-time.