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Aerial Security Solution

Having an eye in the sky adds an security layer to any existing security operation. We provide that eye in the sky by using the latest technology in the unmanned aerial surveillance space in co-operation with an existing security personnel on the ground. Aerial surveillance technology is one of the most effective ways of protecting people and property, and hence forms a formidable deterrent to crime, enhancing the way residential estates are secured.

We delivers an aerial security surveillance service which includes a certified and tactically trained drone crew (pilot and observer), drone, remote pilot station and safe operating procedures with all required permissions. Live drone footage is streamed to a site’s control room in high definition where night-time activity is visible with thermal imaging technology. Recorded footage can be used to support legal proceedings.



Worldwide, the popularity of aerostat systems is growing quickly. Aerostat systems provide a quick and Why the need for an aerostat system?cost effective way to launch, monitor, and recover a payload designed for aerial surveillance, communication, and atmospheric monitoring.



IONODES is focused on pushing the boundaries of video technology, developing the latest in IP video storage, management and display solutions. Our experience in IP video and our strong partnership with industry leaders allow us to deliver innovative products designed to enhance people’s lifestyle while ensuring their safety and security.



UK based MAD manufactures top-end ancillary CCTV equipment of unrivalled quality, reliability and durability. The product of over thirty years’ continuous development, our hardware includes robust, heavy-duty fully integrated camera dome units, traditional pan and tilt heads (now also in 316 stainless steel), environmental camera housings and accessories which are used in specialist and prestigious applications across the globe.



Sky-Watch we aim to construct all our solutions based on the customer situation at hand. Our UAV solutions ensure that the operator gets the right equipment to do the job, thus improving and optimising the overall user experience.  A Sky-Watch solution is an intelligent platform that will help you work smarter and faster, saving you time and money while ensuring you are better equipped to make the right decisions.


Aerial Monitoring Solutions

Aerial Monitoring Solutions (AMS) was founded in 2013 to fulfill a niche in the market for low cost, customised unmanned aerial systems. The team has a strong background of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance and has allowed AMS to position itself as a leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) manufacturing and maintenance company.