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Aerial Monitoring Solutions

Aircraft manufacturing and maintenance and has allowed AMS to position itself as a leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)


Aerial Monitoring Solutions

Aerial Monitoring Solutions (AMSl was founded in 2013 to fulfil a niche market requiring low cost. customised Unmanned AerialSystems (UAVsl. Our team has a strong background of aircraft manufactur ing and maintenance. allowing AMS to position itself as a leading UAV manufacturing and maintenance company in South Africa. catering for clients throughout the African continent.

AMS' best-in-class solutions and products support UAV operations across multiple industries.

Why Aerial Monitoring Solutions?

Aerial Monitoring Solutions (AMS) was founded in 2013 to fulfill a niche in the market for low cost, customised unmanned aerial systems. The team has a strong background of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance and has allowed AMS to position itself as a leading Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) manufacturing and maintenance company.

From its humble roots of design and manufacture out of a garage, AMS has now grown it’s manufacturing capability to output high quality, locally manufactured UAVs.

AMS offers reliable and efficient unmanned systems to aid the customer in effectively and safely undertaking monitoring duties. Through technical excellence and passion, our highly skilled team provides cutting edge solutions and unparalleled backup, maintenance and support to the civil unmanned systems market.


Our most flexible solution. Our customers own and operate their Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) - Our Eagle Owl.

What you get in this solution:

  • Custom built Eagle Owl
  • Flight planner software
  • Registration at CAA
  • Ground control unit
  • Choice of 6 optics
  • Training course
  • Access to our maintenance team
  • AMS launch rail
  • Parachute system.


Not everyone has the time to learn to fly their own UAV, so we come and fly it for you. This gives you peace of mind that you will get the most out of your UAV - we take care of everything. Just tell us where to be and when.

What you get with this solution:

  • Contracted monthly hours
  • Professional trained pilot
  • Zero maintenance cost & limited downtime
  • Choice of 2 optics
  • Monthly data report.


AMS will assist more than one person. After 6 months of flying the UAV, both the unit and capabilities pass over to one of the members.

What you get with this solution:

  • Customised Eagle Owl UAV
  • Professional team
  • Training and certification
  • CAA registration
  • AMS launch rail

Eagle Owl

The Eagle Owl -created by Aerial Monitoring Solutions (AMS) in South Africa- is a customisable, intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed as a cost-effective answer to the African market, including applications such as wildlife management, health & safety, agriculture, security and infrastructure.

General Specifications


2-stroke petrol, 20cc.


2.5 hp. @ 9000 rpm


Fixed pitch 16x8, 17x6


Full way-point and autonomous capability


Overall length

1.1 m


0.2 m


2.5 m

Wing area

1.138 m²


Maximum take-off weight

14.5 kg

Useful payload

2.5 kg

Full fuel payload

1.25 kg


Fuel capacity

3.1 litres

Fuel consumption at cruise

0.6 - 0.75 litres/hr

Fuel type

Blend, unleaded and 2-stroke oil


Max allowable speed (VNE)

200 km/hour

Cruise speed at 75% power (SL)

100 km/hour

Cruise speed at 75% power (6000 ft. ASL)

110 km/hour

Stall Speed (6000 ft. ASL)

46 km/hour

Max demonstrated crosswind

35 km/hour

Rate of climb

2.5 m/sec

Max operating altitude

Limited to 550ft AGL

Range at 75% power (SL)

276 km


Limit loads

-8, +9

Wing loading

10.76 kg/m²

Power loading